The 2019 Israeli PropTech Startup Landscape

Only a year has passed since we last introduced our market map for Construction Tech startups in Israel, but so much has changed. Examining some of the changes we identified, we also recognise interesting new trends, which can indicate the directions in which the construction and real estate industries are expected to expand.

ב- 5 שנים האחרונות חל גידול של 244% בכמות הסטארטאפים בישראל בתחום הפרופרטי טק

קרן ההשקעות Innogy Innovation Hub יחד עם ConTech – תכנית החדשנות בענף הבנייה של התאחדות הקבלנים בוני הארץ, משרד השיכון והבינוי, משרד הכלכלה ורשות החדשנות הממשלתית, ערכו לאחרונה מחקר הבוחן את פעילות החברות בישראל בתחום הפרופרטי טק (PropTech). המחקר בחן את התהליכים שהתרחשו בתחום בישראל בעשור האחרון, בהתייחס לחברות הפעילות בעולמות השונים הקשורים לתחום: תחום הבנייה (ConstructionTech), ביטוח נכסים, ניהול מבנים, מסחר בנכסי נדל”ן, דיגיטציה של תהליכי הבניה ועוד.


VC Innogy Innovation Hub along with ConTech, an innovative program by the Israel Builders Association, in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of Economy, have all recently conducted a joint research to examine processes in the PropTech field over the last decade , including development in construction tech, asset insurance, property management, real estate exchange, and digitalization of construction processes, to name a few.

More than 100 Israeli startups in property tech sector, study shows

There are more than 100 Israeli startups in Israel in the field of property technologies, or PropTech, which brings innovation to the fields of construction, asset insurance and property management, newly released figures show.

כשהשליחים עם ארוחות הצהריים תוקעים את המעליות: המהפכה הטכנולוגית בנדל”ן מתחילה בישראל

שיתוף פעולה בין WeWork ליזם אסי טוכמאייר מבקש לעודד השקעות בחברות טכנולוגיה הפונות לשוק הנכסים והבנייה בישראל ■ לפי מחקר, בחמש השנים האחרונות גדל מספרן של החברות המקומיות בתחום ב-244% ■ ברחבי העולם הושקעו בענף 4 מיליארד דולר רק ב-2018

טכנולוגיות ה- Construction Tech יובילו את ענף הבנייה לדור הבא של קידמה, יעילות ובטיחות ראיון עם מיקי שטיינר, מנכ”ל Innogy Innovation Hub בישראל

מדי זמן מה צצים בעולם ההשקעות תחומים חדשים שנחשבים ל”דבר הבא”. מדובר בטכנולוגיות חדישות בהן המשקיעים ירצו להשקיע, היזמים ירצו לפתח ולהן השוק צמא. אחד מהתחומים האלו בתקופה האחרונה הוא תחום ה Construction Tech – טכנולוגיות המיועדות לתחום הבנייה


There are many reasons why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected, despite all of his legal troubles, and notwithstanding a formidable group of former generals running against him. But the most significant one is simple: Israel’s economy is booming. Over the last twenty years, and especially over the past decade, Israel has transformed from a struggling economy into a powerhouse.

Inside innogy Innovation Hub: Investments, start-ups and capturing energy’s evolving machine economy

Current News (28/1/2019)

Embracing innovations and new ideas remains one of the energy sector’s most difficult, but potentially most rewarding, business activities and given the pace and scale of change in the energy sector of late, it’s a task that’s becoming ever more crucial by the day.

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Growth in 2018: Committing to our portfolio companies’ success

One of our top priorities at innogy Innovation Hub is to enable our portfolio companies and support them throughout their journey. We are their partners in growth. Here are some of the growth activities that took place in 2018.

1. BAM brings Israeli construction tech to Europe

European construction giant BAM representatives participated in our Construction-Tech meetup in May, and have since been active in providing opportunities for Israeli start-ups. Israeli start-ups Astralink, LightYX, IntSite, and were featured in BAM’s booth at Digital Construction Week in London, getting lots of exposure and traction opportunities.

2. Cybersecurity venture focus and partnerships

We’ve launched a partnership with TAU Ventures, taking part in the Alpha-C Accelerator. We’re also conducting internal PoC’s with innogy’s operating business, and connecting our portfolio companies to stakeholders in leading European companies.

3. Portfolio Day and innogy ILL: Accelerate start-ups growth

Israeli start-ups and innogy Israel portfolio companies got a chance to connect and network with innogy management at two innogy events. Read more >>

4. Founders Forum

Portfolio start-up founders got a chance to discuss their challenges in an intimate and supportive environment. Two meetings were held this year: The first focused on business strategy and problem solving, with Dov Moran; The second, with the innovation hub leadership, focused on growth opportunities within innogy.

5. UK partnerships: Wayra and Catapult

We’ve partnered with Telefónica Open Future’s Wayra UK and the Catapult Network, offering expertise and direct connections to ease the start-ups’ transition into the UK market, and a network full of experts and investors who are passionate about supporting innovation. Our portfolio company Placense is participating along with other innogy portfolio companies. In addition, we participated in innogy roundtable events in London, with participants from the UK start-up ecosphere, including representatives from government, industry, accelerators and consultants, to discuss and share insights around the opportunities between the UK and Israel. Read more >>

6. Unconference, October 2018

Our portfolio companies – Segasec, Remoty, Placense, Oriient and HopOn – pitched, networked, and presented at innogy’s annual conference. Read more >>


We’re looking forward to a fruitful 2019, where we will be leading more growth activities for our growing portfolio. Contact us if you think you fit our roster.