Growth in 2018: Committing to our portfolio companies’ success

One of our top priorities at innogy Innovation Hub is to enable our portfolio companies and support them throughout their journey. We are their partners in growth. Here are some of the growth activities that took place in 2018.

1. BAM brings Israeli construction tech to Europe

European construction giant BAM representatives participated in our Construction-Tech meetup in May, and have since been active in providing opportunities for Israeli start-ups. Israeli start-ups Astralink, LightYX, IntSite, and were featured in BAM’s booth at Digital Construction Week in London, getting lots of exposure and traction opportunities.

2. Cybersecurity venture focus and partnerships

We’ve launched a partnership with TAU Ventures, taking part in the Alpha-C Accelerator. We’re also conducting internal PoC’s with innogy’s operating business, and connecting our portfolio companies to stakeholders in leading European companies.

3. Portfolio Day and innogy ILL: Accelerate start-ups growth

Israeli start-ups and innogy Israel portfolio companies got a chance to connect and network with innogy management at two innogy events. Read more >>

4. Founders Forum

Portfolio start-up founders got a chance to discuss their challenges in an intimate and supportive environment. Two meetings were held this year: The first focused on business strategy and problem solving, with Dov Moran; The second, with the innovation hub leadership, focused on growth opportunities within innogy.

5. UK partnerships: Wayra and Catapult

We’ve partnered with Telefónica Open Future’s Wayra UK and the Catapult Network, offering expertise and direct connections to ease the start-ups’ transition into the UK market, and a network full of experts and investors who are passionate about supporting innovation. Our portfolio company Placense is participating along with other innogy portfolio companies. In addition, we participated in innogy roundtable events in London, with participants from the UK start-up ecosphere, including representatives from government, industry, accelerators and consultants, to discuss and share insights around the opportunities between the UK and Israel. Read more >>

6. Unconference, October 2018

Our portfolio companies – Segasec, Remoty, Placense, Oriient and HopOn – pitched, networked, and presented at innogy’s annual conference. Read more >>


We’re looking forward to a fruitful 2019, where we will be leading more growth activities for our growing portfolio. Contact us if you think you fit our roster.

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