UnConference 2018: Collaboration, Convergence and Co-creation in Action

About 400 business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups joined innogy’s annual UnConference, to engage, share ideas and explore new ways to co-create the energy systems of the future. The UnConference, which took place on October 4th in Berlin, has provided a space for innogy’s global investment portfolio start-ups to explore how their innovative solutions can make a real impact in the utilities industry and related areas. Among the startups present were also five Israeli startups – Segasec, Remoty, Placense, Oriient and HopOn.

Portfolio start-ups got a chance to engage with innogy’s own leaders, other utility companies and investors, present their solutions in a booth and on stage, and get exposed to innogy’s take on the main drivers of disruption. Some of the topics that were discussed in UnConference included –

  • Will the digital revolution and artificial intelligence make utilities redundant?
  • Smart and Connected – how will emerging technologies enable our living and working environments to become safer, cleaner, and more sustainable
  • Human-Machine Interaction, as machines become more human than humans
  • And of course – how do we deal with the ever present cyber threats, which are growing with the digitalization of the grid.

Two of the Israeli startups (Placense, Segasec) were given the opportunity to pitch their offering on stage, and had very positive reactions.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity for Segasec to be here and get so much exposure to potential customers”, said Elad Schulman, CEO and Co-Founder of Segasec, a cyber-security start-up focused on cyber intelligence and threat protection. “This is one of the reasons we chose innogy as a strategic investor – the market reach and access are invaluable”.

Boaz Kantor, CTO innogy; Tom Krauhausen, Head of Cyber Security innogy SE; Elad Schulman, CEO and Co-Founder Segasec

Dan Gildoni, CtechEO and Co-founder of Placense

Dr. Christof Kortz, Head Strategic Cyber Security Venturing, innogy Innovation Hub; Tom Krauhausen, Head Cyber Security innogy SE; Liran Tancman, primary investor and board member of Aperio Systems.

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